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Paint Annapolis Nocturne

Paint Annapolis is a week-long plein air paint exhibition and competition spanning across historic downtown…

Annapolis Arts Week

Annapolis Arts Week Preview

On June 1st through June 8th, Annapolis Arts Week celebrates the diversity of the arts…

Annapolis Loves Marine Art

Love is in the air this month, and one thing Annapolis absolutely loves is Marine Art. Marine Art is any art that depicts ships and the sea. This art genre also includes portrayals of small boats, lighthouses, wharves, rivers, beach scenes—really any image that draws inspiration from the sea. You get the picture…

Paint Annapolis

Catching Up with Local Plein Air Artist David Diaz

It’s Paint Annapolis week and all over town we see artists painting “plein air”, which means to paint outside rather than in a studio. As a studio artist and occasional fair-weather outdoor painter, I have great admiration for these artists who possess a special set of skills, a resistance to the elements and a different perspective on painting. For some insight into the world of plein air painters, I interviewed my friend and plein air painter, David Diaz.