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Visual Arts

Visual Arts in Annapolis

During Annapolis Arts Week, there will be plenty of opportunities to contribute to the culture…

Annapolis Arts Week

Annapolis Arts Week Preview

On June 1st through June 8th, Annapolis Arts Week celebrates the diversity of the arts…

Chocolate Binge Festival

Bite into this: Annapolis’ Inaugural Chocolate Binge Festival

Between mid-November and the dawning of the New Year, everyone and everything around us seems to be “turned up to 11”. All the parties, people to see, lists to check off, and traveling can leave us feeling like we are bouncing off the walls. This year, add another reason to feel that way. The Annapolis Arts District & Inner West Street Association present the first-ever Chocolate Binge Festival and Holiday Light Canopy on Sunday December 6, noon to 5pm.

Tsunami Mural

Top of Spring and Summer To-Do List: Annapolis’ First Sunday Arts Festival

First Sunday Arts Festival is a Sunday afternoon stroll in Annapolis at its best. Dogs are out smiling with their two-legged friends, children enjoy the view from atop their parents’ shoulders, restaurant-goers overflow out into the street, and shoppers peruse authentic local goods from the town’s skilled artisans. Sometimes you can catch your favorite vendors a few months in a row or perhaps you’ll stumble upon one you’ve never seen before. The variety of offerings is ever-changing, making for a fresh experience each time you visit.