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Annapolis Cocktail Trails

Annapolis has become a great location for both cocktails and food. Offering a little bit…

Dry 85 in Annapolis

Bacon Brunch at a Bourbon Bar

Well, why not?
A few years ago when the bacon craze hit, I thought, “Well there’s a great idea!” Bacon absolutely can be incorporated into any food from soup to nuts….think jalapeños and bacon cream of crab soup or smoked bacon flavored almonds. Locally, there are several places that support bacon enthusiasts. Dry 85, on Main Street in Annapolis, known for its Bourbon and Craft Beer, caters to Bacon lovers through their Sunday Bacon Brunch.

Where to dine for Commissioning Week

Coming to Annapolis for Commissioning Week? Where to Meet and Eat

Each May, Annapolis gears up to celebrate Commissioning Week at the United States Naval Academy—including yours truly, whose SEAL son graduated a few years ago. Seems like yesterday that family members flew in from San Francisco and Savannah to celebrate his graduation. While many folks rent houses for the week and others stay in hotels or B&Bs, where to meet and eat is an ongoing question for out-of-towners, so here are some suggestions.