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Paint Annapolis Nocturne

Paint Annapolis is a week-long plein air paint exhibition and competition spanning across historic downtown…

Annapolis Loves Marine Art

Love is in the air this month, and one thing Annapolis absolutely loves is Marine Art. Marine Art is any art that depicts ships and the sea. This art genre also includes portrayals of small boats, lighthouses, wharves, rivers, beach scenes—really any image that draws inspiration from the sea. You get the picture…

Annapolis Fringe Festival

Come to a Party in Annapolis…Leave with Art!

How many fundraisers have you been to where you experience a lively and energetic party that includes food and wine donated by the best restaurateurs in town, lovely music, AND a work of art to take home that is equal to or greater than the value of your ticket? Guaranteed. Seems incredible, right? Who would do that?!