The Annapolis Music Scene is used to working hard. Finding venues to play throughout the week, promoting shows, making sure there is merch to sell to doting fans at their next engagement—often times holding down other other responsibilities. After bars, restaurants and other music venues in the area were asked to shut their doors due to the Coronavirus, the hard work carried on, just to the beat of a different drum. Tuning in to live concerts and group shows is one of the easiest was to continue to support the local music scene. Artists often will have virtual tips  Below is a calendar view of what is happening on the interwebs this week—tune in!

Pressing Strings playing LIVE on Facebook. Photo courtesy of Alexander Peters Facebook.

Sunday April 12th

Jordan Sokel @ 10am

Shawn Owens @ 2pm
Spencer Joyce @ 7pm

PBR Acoustic Sundays with Brody Kean @ 8pm

Savanah and the Auld Man @ 9pm

Monday April 13th

The SQRRL Show @ 12 pm

TGIMA with Michael K. @ 6pm

Alexander Peters with RoosterFolk [email protected] 7pm

Shakaya @ 8pm

Hurricane Kevin’s Virtual Open Mic Night @7:30-11pm

Tuesday April 14th

The SQRRL Show @ 12 pm

Wednesday April 15th

The SQRRL Show @ 12 pm

Shawn Owens LIVE on Facebook. Photo courtesy of Shawn Owens Facebook Page.

 Thursday April 16th

The SQRRL Show @ 12 pm

Aaron Hawkins of Loose Ties @ 8pm

Sweet Leeda live Duo @ 7:30pm

Virtual Concert For AMFM @ 8pm

Friday April 17th

The SQRRL Show @ 12 pm

Ryan Kozel’s Back Porch Jam Session @ 6pm

Saturday April 18th

Miles Gannett presents Quarantine Country @ 5pm

Sunday April 19th

Jordan Sokel @ 10am

Spencer Joyce @ 7pm

PBR Acoustic Sundays with Brody Kean @ 8pm

Ryan Kozel streaming LIVE on Facebook. Photo courtesy of Ryan Kozel Facebook page.

Things are changing week by week, that includes who will be live on social media! The best thing to do it to make sure to follow your favorite local musicians to see how to best support them through this time. It’s not all live streams! For examples, you can find The Michael McHenry Tribe and Pressing Strings putting together some fun and *distant* collaborations together on their social media platforms. Naptownmusic and Annapolis Streaming are also great resources for finding recurring and updated concert information for your local streaming pleasure.


Marley Crank

Marley is an Annapolitan of 13 years and has fallen in love with the city and all of its energy--specifically its diverse musical energy. Between out of town acts coming out to Rams Head on Stage, friends’ bands playing at local bars such as Stan and Joe’s or Harvest, and weekly jam sessions like the Traditional Irish Music at Galway Bay, she always finds music to enjoy. Marley also loves spending time outside by the water, indulging in Annapolis’ many delicious restaurants, and interacting with the local pooches.