GavinBuckleyOn a recent hot August afternoon, we sat down at a table in the shade outside Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge (169 West St, Annapolis) with the restaurant’s co-owner Gavin Buckley. Almost everyone who walked by stopped to chat with Gavin, making us feel like we were in the presence of a local celebrity.

In addition to owning four successful restaurants in town, Gavin and his business partner Jody Danek are strong supporters of the local arts scene—particularly in the burgeoning Annapolis Arts & Entertainment District along ‘inner West Street’, between Calvert Street and Spa Road. Gavin serves as treasurer for the Inner West Street Association, which officially took over management of the Annapolis Arts and Entertainment District as of July 1, 2015. And, with his lilting Australian accent and open, easygoing manner, Gavin seems to invite conversation. He’s not afraid to invite controversy either, if he believes it will push the town in a more progressive direction. Gavin sat down with us to share some of the exciting ways he and Jody Danek are helping to make West Annapolis a more colorful place to visit and hang out.

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