When one hears “let’s go to Stan and Joe’s!,” they probably picture the live music hub in Downtown Annapolis, or maybe the smaller spot out in Edgewater. Now there’s a new spot that dons the same name: Stan and Joe’s Riverside. This new branch of Stan and Joe’s took over the old Thursday’s location in Galesville and is nothing short of a summertime paradise. Complete with a fresh-squeezed crush bar, numerous boat slips, indoor and outdoor seating, a dock bar, and outdoor live, local music on the weekends this place has a little something for everyone.

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The location itself used to hold a steamboat landing from the late 1800s until 1932 when a local family, the Dixons, converted the landing into a restaurant: Dave and Molly’s. It has since been operated by a handful of different people, carrying many names over the years: Fisherman’s Wharf, Steamboat Landing, and then Thursday’s (Peterson, 2018). When Stan and Joe decided to go forward with Riverside, the deal was struck with friend Dave Hysan – former owner of Thursday’s. They have been working together to make the transition, made official on November 1st, 2018, as smooth as possible.

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I was able to chat with a longtime employee of Stan and Joe’s and one of the managers at Riverside, Mike Wiland, about the changes that have occurred since management changed hands. While the general vibe has remained the same, the menu has gotten a  bit tighter, bringing in some Stan and Joe’s Irish pub faves to accompany fresh seafood and crabs. They’ve also been able to revamp a couple of things to give it the beloved Stan and Joe’s vibe including updating the freshly squeezed crush bar and giving the deck a paint job.  When I asked Joe McGovern about the transition, he stated that “We’re not reinventing the wheel, just bringing a more upbeat attitude. It’s been a beautiful restaurant for half a century, we’re just adding a bit of Stan and Joe’s flair.”

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While most of the week you’ll be able to enjoy fresh specials and steamed crabs, Monday thru Friday from 3-7 Riverside offers happy hour specials at the bar. Freshly squeezed crushes are $5, domestic drafts are $2.50, rails for $3, and the Frozen Pain in da Ass goes for $6. What is this Frozen Pain in da Ass, you ask? Well, I was curious enough to try this drink on for size. This is an extremely refreshing frozen swirl of coconut and strawberry complete with a vile of rum that helps keep the fun even through the whole drink. That followed by watching Phil behind the bar squeeze my grapefruit to order my grapefruit crush made for an incredibly refreshing happy hour selection.

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This is not to forget all the cheap munchies you can grab during happy hour! While the happy hour menu is pretty small, you can enjoy some of the Stan and Joe’s staples, such as their award-winning crispy chicken wings, the always satisfying mozzarella sticks, or potstickers. None of these dishes will exceed $7 so you can rest assured your wallet will be safe as you enjoy the picture perfect view while the sun begins descending closer to the horizon.

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So if you’re there to boat up, fuel up, or drink up, or just post up and soak up the good vibes, the new Stan and Joe’s location has got you all set! Find a safe ride and get yourself on out to Galesville ASAP!

Marley Crank

Marley is an Annapolitan of 13 years and has fallen in love with the city and all of its energy--specifically its diverse musical energy. Between out of town acts coming out to Rams Head on Stage, friends’ bands playing at local bars such as Stan and Joe’s or Harvest, and weekly jam sessions like the Traditional Irish Music at Galway Bay, she always finds music to enjoy. Marley also loves spending time outside by the water, indulging in Annapolis’ many delicious restaurants, and interacting with the local pooches.