Annapolis truly has it all; a rich history, an abundance of activities, undeniable charm, and a wealth of cultural entertainment. For 300 years, this small seaport has been welcoming visitors from around the world. Annapolis theaters were just one of many draws to outsiders.

Annapolis Theaters

In its earliest days, Annapolis was known as the “Athens of America,” playing home to one of the country’s first theaters, and promising cultural refinement through the arts to all of its guests. These days, dozens of performance arts studios and theaters have blossomed throughout the city and its surrounding areas, making Annapolis one of the top arts destination in the Mid-Atlantic region, and the country.

Annapolis Theaters

You can find much of this thriving arts community on every corner – from the historic to the new. There are resident ballet companies, symphonies, orchestras, 800+ seat performance theaters, studios, and much, much more. Many of these are housed in old colonial buildings that have been recycled through the years to keep the historic charm of our city alive.

Be sure to visit one of the many Annapolis theaters the next time you visit our wonderful city!


Videography and photos courtesy of Patrick McNamara of Drawn to the Image.

Jamie Foster

Jamie Foster is married with two young daughters and lives in Annapolis. You might see her walking the brick-paved streets of our colonial city as a tour guide, complete with 18th century clothing. Originally from Michigan, she moved to Long Island, NY for graduate school where she received her degree in Exercise Physiology. She worked for many years in Cardiac Rehabilitation before moving to Maryland in 2008. Since then, she has stayed home to be with her children. Now that they are in school, she enjoys volunteering and sharing her love of history as a tour guide. Jamie enjoys coffee, exploring historical sites, spending time with friends and being involved in her church.