My favorite thing to do in Annapolis is to get out on the water. There are many ways to go about it, but nothing gives you a more personalized experience than hiring a charter, and Cap’n Mike’s Full Moon Adventures can create a special experience for anyone. Cap’n Mike has grown up in this area, got his first boat at just seven years old, and has been on the water ever since. He knows all the special spots and can customize a truly memorable adventure.

Full Moon Adventures

I’ve lived in Annapolis for 15 years, but I always marvel at the different perspective you get out on the water. It’s like seeing the area for the first time. On my adventure with Cap’n Mike, we cruised out to the Thomas Point Lighthouse. I had never seen it up close before and it was spectacular. He can even offer trips to see sights you’ve never seen or just enjoy a day on the water.

Full Moon Adventures

His boat can carry groups of up to six, and he will customize an itinerary, both location and duration, to meet your desires. He also offers the option to bring bikes or paddleboards on board so that you can make the most out of any scenic stops you might make on your journey together, perhaps along the Eastern Shore. You can visit beaches, or anchor out in the water to enjoy a swim or kayak. He has so much knowledge of the area and can offer suggestions of special places you might not even be aware exist! Cap’n Mike loves sharing his knowledge of the Bay’s history and traditions, its charms, beauty, wildlife, and best-kept secrets. And, he’s got some fantastic and hilarious anecdotes from his own adventures.

Full Moon Adventures

A charter with Cap’n Mike is perfect for family and friends, reunions, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or really any small groups. He will do his best to accommodate any of your needs. His boat is conveniently docked nearby in Annapolis or he can arrange to pick up at your dock. So get ready to enjoy a boutique day with Cap’n Mike’s Full Moon Adventures.

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