Stephanie Neilsen

Annapolis raised, Stephanie is an avid traveler, lifestyle blogger and wellness coach. A graduate of East Carolina University and Construction Engineer by trade, she has spent the last decade living in big cities like Los Angeles, Houston and Honolulu. Stephanie discovered her love for writing in college and decided to start a simple travel and fashion blog, The Tangerine Desert. Through the years, this grew from a creative outlet into a true social media marketing business. She now has hung up the hard hat for a more charming life on the Chesapeake. In her spare time, Stephanie can be found in the kitchen conjuring up healthy meals, at a local fitness studio or coffee shop. Keep up with her day to day on instagram @tangerinedesert

Just “Peale” and Juice

It’s unique when events combine the best of both worlds. Certain things like sports and…

Julep Southern Kitchen and Bar

Julep Southern Kitchen and Bar

Annapolis, meet your new favorite BBQ joint. The doors of Julep Southern Kitchen & Bar…