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Becca Beasley is a native of Northern Calvert County with roots running six generations deep in South County. As the daughter of an avid sports fisherman, she spent much of her childhood on the Chesapeake Bay and feels a strong attachment to the area she still refers to as home. She resided in Historic Annapolis as a young professional, and despite many moves since then, Annapolis remains Becca’s favorite small city. A graduate of both Virginia Tech and The George Washington University, Becca is passionate about tourism, travel, and first and foremost, her family. Married with two young children, Becca’s favorite hobby is finding ways to introduce her children to her passions through daily adventures, big and small. She hopes to introduce you and your family to adventures around her home. You can follow Becca at

Girls Day Out

My five-year-old daughter Maggie is in preschool five mornings a week. This leaves me missing…