Red Red Wine Bar located on Main Street in downtown Annapolis has been on a mission to redefine what it means to drink wine since…


Attention fans of DIY projects! AR Workshop Annapolis is celebrating its move to a brand new location – 15 Lee Airpark Drive, Edgewater – with…


From the time of William Penn up until the first World War, Anne Arundel County has used its religious background to promote tolerance and freedom…

  • May Day in Annapolis

    Annapolis knows how to make a lasting impression, but combine the quaint beauty of the…

  • Derby Fest

    Credited as the first site of city-organized horse racing in the colonial times, Annapolis is…

  • April Walking Tours

    Get moving this month with three interactive, historic Annapolis walking tours. Grab your walking shoes,…


Whether you live in Annapolis or are just visiting for the day, you quickly realize the variety, passion, and talent that lives within the arts…


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