I’m a big fan of small plates restaurants. It sometimes feels like such a shame to eat a large portion of one thing when there…


Mission Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have become the new thriller activity in recent years. Riddles, puzzles, moving pieces and hidden objects guide participants on their mission towards solving…


You gotta love Maryland Avenue. This short spoke of a street off State Circle certainly throws off an old-world vibe. Here you’ll find a colorful…


Growing up in Annapolis, I’ve acquired a love for history and maritime culture. Through my travels in and around major cities, I have also fallen…

  • ArtFarm

    Since the dawn of humanity, it has always been our inclination as a species to…

  • Annapolis ArtWalk

    The independent collaboration between ArtWalk, Art at Large, and the Anne Arundel County School Performing…


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