Annapolis Cocktails

Harry Browne’s Nothing says “classic cocktail” like a dirty martini, at least in my book. You may like it “dusty” with just a touch of…


White Whale Slime

Slime. The word itself can invoke an almost icky feeling in response to just hearing it said. But that isn’t the case for White Whale…


“What goes on in this house?” That’s a question owner Sean Finter often hears from by passers-by and visitors of Annapolis when he’s out working…


Paint Annapolis is a week-long plein air paint exhibition and competition spanning across historic downtown Annapolis and throughout Anne Arundel County. About 50-60 artists take…

  • The Annapolis Pottery

    The perfect art, the perfect gift, the perfect little store:  The Annapolis Pottery on State…

  • Visual Arts

    During Annapolis Arts Week, there will be plenty of opportunities to contribute to the culture…

  • Live Music

    Music during the Annapolis Arts Week won’t be hard to find. From big public events…

  • Artists Collect Art

    Jeff “JaHru” Huntington & Julia Gibb are two artists that need no introduction around Annapolis.…


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